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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Serbia to normalise ties with Kosovo

 News from the Balkans.....

So Serbia has signed an agreement with Pristina on the future of the Serbs in Kosovo.  The EU is pleased with the situation, however on the ground, things are not so rosy....... In this topsy-turvy world of ours.

The global media network (AKA GMN) lavished praise on the agreement but as usual failed miserably to explain why this document was created in the first place.  The common perception is why can't they just shake hands and hug it each other or that the Serbians are sore losers ( so lets just ignore any of their points of view). Not one media outlet gave the reasons as why the Serbs feel threatened. It is all swept under the carpet of "ethnic tensions".

There are still serious issues  about attacks against anyone perceived to be a Serb,  attacks against Serbian Orthodox religious sites.   There are still " ethnic tensions" in the region.  The "agreement" will do nothing to address the real underlying problems, not even  the UN and KFOR have dealt with these issues in a serious and concerted manner.  These issues aren't even succintly acknowledged in the document.  So in effect there are no concrete garantees for any of the ethnic minorities living in Kosovo, no Serb, Croat, no Roma, no Gorani...

To quote the often remarked expression of this decade: criminal enterprise.  There is a failure to act in  the interests of all concerned in the region, by the US,  UN, the EU and by NATO.   There is a criminal enterprise quietly actively engaging in massively whitewashing the corrupt Albanian authorities of any sins since the violent take over in 1999, helped largely by the over hysterical media reports at the time. The "humanitarian intervention"- actually facilitated the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo of most of its non-Albanian population. Neither  any of these entities actually trying in way   to prevent ongoing tensions.   

Terrorism is TERRORISM.  But there are double standards, because as you can see below are some events in April 2013, and yet it's not terrorism.  Clearly I'm not reading from the same script.  

Terror attacks are designed to shock, terrorize, install fear into ordinary people. It is the seeming arbitrariness of the violence inflicted that distinguishes  terror attacks. 

Here is some of the latest news from Kosovo - 

1. Physical and verbals attacks on Slavic speakers.   

27 April 2013.
Two boys, aged 15/ 16 were attacked  & stabbed by a group of Albanians in Bosniak Mahala as they were riding their bikes, one was a Serb and the other a Gorani.  The response by the police

"Deputy Regional Director of the Kosovo Police Service Ergin Medic told Tanjug that the motives for the attack are still unknown and that the attackers have not been identified yet."

2. Freedom of Speech
16th April
An attack with automatic weapons on the building and studio of the radio station Kolasin in Zubin Potok in Kosovo, which occurred on 16 April 2013 in the morning hours. No motive and barely any investigation either.

3. The safe return of Serb and other non-Albanian people to their destroyed dwellings, as a result of ethnic cleaning in the 90's and 2000's, particularly in March 2004.
The reality is....... 16 April 2013 Istok - Grenade attack on a Serb house. "The attack upset the Serb returnees because this is the first such incident in Istok since they returned to the town in 2006. Only nine Serbs live in Istok now." in Serbia news.

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