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Friday, April 26, 2013

From the horse's mouth

From the BBC 

Straight from the .......

Somtimes you can't help to notice something a little frightening to say the least.   

"But my personal belief is that, after the fall of the regime, there will be other battles. The fight will last until God's laws are established on Earth."
"On Earth?" I queried.
"In Syria," Abu Sayyaf corrected himself.

This comes from an Islamic fighter in Syria.  I couldn't help myself to wonder what he meant by "the fight will last until God's laws are established...."

 He is talking about Sharia, isn't he? Of course he had to correct himself, otherwise he would be insinuating that the fight (otherwise known as Jihad in Arabic) would be global until the whole world is under Sharia laws.  

These are the same people that the West is gladly funding, (my & your taxes) for weapons, 'skullduggery' operations  by secret services and military training as well.  

How long  do we have to play dumb????

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