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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Destruction of cultural heritage

The BBC featured a number of historic building and sites that were destroyed during conflicts.  The series of photographs showed a number of sites across the world, including Mostar bridge, the Bamiyan Buddhist statutes, Coventry Cathedral, the summer palace in Beijing, to name a few.

The photo article was produced as a result of the recent destruction of an historical minaret in ALEPPO.


I'd like to feature a few more that aren't even mentioned by the BBC. 

Destruction of Armenian cultural heritage in Turkey

Destruction of Orthodox cultural heritage in Kosovo 1999
Article by Robert Fisk

On NATO's KFOR watch The 15th-century monastery of the Holy Trinity above Musutiste, begun in 1465, has been levelled with explosives. The monastery of the Archangel near Vitina, built in the 14th century, has been looted and burnt. So has the church of the Archangels in Gornje Nerodimlje. And the church of St Paraskeva, near Pec. And the church of St Nicholas in Prekoruplje - razed and its nine 16th-century icons lost, including that of the apostle Thomas.


The Tomb of Joseph (destroyed in 2000) in the Holy Land.

Wait it gets worse!..........

"Something new and destructive became a force within many Muslim communities." The American Muslim website. 30/3/2013 


Destruction of Islamic heritage sites in Mecca. Since the last 50 years and in 2013! Article & photos 


2013-Extremists set fire to one of world’s great libraries in Timbuktu

And on .....

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