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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Uttered words cultural annihilation

"Something new and destructive became a force within many Muslim communities." The American Muslim website. 30/3/2013 
The Saudis are even destroying the historical global Islamic heritage in Mecca.  That how destructive they are! If you don't believe me, Google it up.  Of course, this brand of Islam is widespread and yet more evidence of its total destructiveness is apparent in post-revolutionary Libya, Timbuktu, Afghanistan, Kosovo to name a few.

NEXT on the list are: The pyramids in Cairo

Some more examples of the wanton and deliberate destruction :

Sufi shrine.  Here.   More  destruction Here in Mali. Not to mention world heritage sites in Mali.   More than 40 Sufi shrines have been destroyed in Tunisia alone.  Sufis and their shrine are regularly targeted in Pakistan.  The same has happened in Kosovo,( 2000 study, "Destruction of cultural heritage in Kosovo: a postwar report,").

Does anyone care any more?

Not one in the West is really scratching their head and asking themselves why is this happening.  Most people have been gently anathesied by the global media networks, lulled into thinking that its no a problem, it's not relevant to their lives, or its Muslims being silly in faraway places.  It's religion and that not interesting.  

Take one step further, if hardly anyone is thinking about the question, WHY, then how many people are thinking about the probable outcomes of all of this, i.e. what is this leading to?  

Who is standing up for the rights of the Sufis in North Africa or in Pakistan?  Other Sufis, UNESCO, culture ministers? In Bosnia, in France, in Turkey?  Not a peep, apparently.   Everyone seems to be playing the great game of pretending to be Ostriches,  you know.. Sand, head.... Stuff.   

Why the Sudden Cultural Heritage Annihilation Syndrome?   The answer is called SHRIK in Arabic. Shirk is the sin of idolatory. in other words, placing partners next to God. This Islamic law concept also covers the Christian belief in the Trinity and all saints too. Let this be a warning to all Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sufis, Shias. There is no place for you in the monoculture of Salafism/Wahhabism. Stop sleepwalking around and thinking that all is ok, because this extreme danger is increasing day by day, getting stronger because of a complete failure by governments worldwide to counter this in any shape or form whatsoever.  

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