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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Survey France & Islam

Sondage survey Le Monde

 In a nutshell:
C'est un avertissement à l'islam ; l'idée que l'islam a un problème avec lui-même et qu'il a du mal à se régénérer."
It is a warning to Islam, the notion that Islam has a problem with itself and it has difficulties to progress.
Abdennour Bidar

39% of those interviewed found Islam to be very intolerant, with another 35% who found it to be rather intolerant as a religion. Compare this to Judaism,  10% found it to be very intolerant & 24% rather intolerant, ( are they fascists or Muslims themselves?).

It is very noticeable that only Islam has such a negative image, not Catholics nor Judaism.

Compatibility with French society values:
(Comparison made according to political party viewpoints)
Islam wins hands down as being not compatible at all with French society..  From 94% Front  nationale (what only 94%, the others obviously didn't read the FN script?), with lowest figure being 59%, the Socialists.  No kidding!

77% of the respondents felt that there is a very serious issue, that is growing and that has to be addressed in a serious manner.

What would you say that the  proportion in France  of "integristes" who are Muslims represent?
1% none
10% the majority
44% just a part
45% a very small minority

And comes the best bit
8 out of 10 respondents  believe that Islam seeks to impose its values on others!

To quote from the survey:

61 % des sympathisants de gauche et 66 % des moins de 35 ans jugent que l'islam n'est pas compatible avec les valeurs républicaines.... 


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