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Friday, April 26, 2013

Moving out and suffering

1. In 1995, Bethlehem was 62% Christian, but today is less than 20% Christian.

2. Just 0.6 percent of the world's 2.2 billion Christians now live in the Middle East and North Africa. Christians make up only 4% of the region's inhabitants, drastically down from 20% a century ago.

3. In 1926, 86% of the Lebanese population was Christian. In 2010, the figure stood at 39%.

4.In Iraq, Christians numbered about  between 800, 0000 and1,500,000in 2003, representing just over 5% of the population of the country. They numbered over 1.4 million in 1987 or 8% of the population. Now it is estimated to be around  500,000 in total.

5. An estimated 10% of the Egyptian population is Copt.

6. 0.7% of the population in Turkey is Christian. At the end of the 1st World War, there was about 2 million Christians.  Now the figures is around 100000.

7. In Kosovo, hundreds of Orthodox Christian churches have been destroyed since 1999 but little is being done to protect this community. However, there are an estimated 65,000 Catholics in Kosovo.

8. In Indonesia, Christians  represent 30% of the population but face significant persecution and closure of churches. 

9. In Bosnia, less than  440,000 Catholics are left, down from 600,000 in 20 years.

10. The total number of Christians in Pakistan was estimated at 2.5 million in 2005, or 1.6% of the population.

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