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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Denying ourselves

1.       By brushing off Islamic -related terrorism as being unrelated to jihad.

2.       Making excuses for the terrorists, e.g. it is as a result of the U.S. drone policy. 

3.       Pretending that large-scale immigration is a great asset for all European states

4.       By allowing widespread ghettoization of European cities.

5.       By blindly promoting multi-culturalism for decades & thinking that diversity is working wonderfully.

6.       By allowing certain communities to deliberately disrespect & disregards the values of other groups.

7.       By allowing the mainstream media to publish biased news on a wide range of issues.

8.       By generously subsidising refugees & immigrants with few checks made.

9.        By allowing certain groups & communities to spread contempt for the countries that they live in.

10.   By being fearful to speak up and promote freedom of expression.

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