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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The words pastor Martin Niemoller

The profound words written by the German pastor Martin Niemoller about the apathy of individuals in face of a totalitarian  ideology marking its mark in the 1930s.  

Fast forward to 2014,  his words are still relevant to us.  Although nazism is not the main concern, we are still faced with the increasing intolerance  of Islam, the version propagated by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  The states wield considerable influence among the ruling elites in North America and the EU. Even the likes of Serbia are in awe of UAE power and money.    They are oblivious to the dangers of  changing their societies to accommodate and import the kind of ideology and culture that is undemocratically imposed in the Arabian Peninsula.  

Theses Islamic states underpin a raft of anti semitism,mysognistic  practices and also take a very dim view of any type of dissent and visible evidence of other non-Muslims faiths. We are aware of the every increasing persecutions of Christians in Syria, through either forced conversion,  exile or death are the options given by the jihadis.   The backers of the jihadis are Saudi Arabia and Qatar,  well what a surprise there!  One minute they own football clubs in London and Paris, the next minute more money gets directed to the Syrian jihadis.  One minute, we put Saudi fuel into our cars, the next minute, Saudi money goes to a myriad of places, obstentially  to promote, dawa,  Islamic outreach andProselytizing programmes.  

It is very disconcerting to see the amount of funds that is going to extremely violent, hateful groups who want to create a unified community of Muslims, known as the caliphate.  (If that doesn't remind you and bear similarities to the 1930 and 1940s plan in Germany, then you need to look into this  further).  The Arabian peninsula brand of Islam has taken hold hold right across the world. 

You may think that this does not concern me at the moment.  

They came for the Christians in the Middle East, but I didn't speak out because I'm not a Christian in the Middle East.  Then they come for the Jews in the Middle East, I don't speak out because I don't live there either.   They came for the critics of Islam and Muslims, charged them with hate crime and racism, but I didn't batter an eyelid because I'm not an 'islamophobe'.    

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