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Sunday, January 5, 2014


Piece of writing

I'll try to write a rebuttal of some of the daft comments made in this article, obviously overlooking the obvious.

1.The interaction between Western Europe and Islam dates from 710 A.D., only 80 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, when Arab and Berber armies crossed the straits of Gibraltar and invaded Spain, and Spanish people converted to Islam. 

2.The relationship between Muslims and European Christians, however, was not one based simply on war. There was also trade across the Mediterranean and an exchange of ideas.[ii]

3.While Europe's hostile view of Muslims can be traced back to the Crusades, Muslims' negative perceptions of Europe derive from the later period of Europe's discovery of the outside world. Muslims in medieval times mainly regarded Europe as simply a land of non-believers.

Note to self.... Battles in Spain or Poiters. The author missed those.

4.  By the nineteenth century, though, there was no need for Muslims to travel to Europe to learn more about Europe and Europeans because they now faced Europeans as invaders in Muslim lands.

Note to self... Where?  Missed out completely the white slave trade and the fact that the european were trying to eradicate it.

5. There'slots more ....

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