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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 G'd bless those who try to stop mischief

And hate, and brutality and mysogny, hatred for other faiths in the name of Allah.

Let us be honest: if this were happening to almost any other religious group it would be something of a national scandal. That makes it all the more important to put the ongoing persecution of Christians in many parts of the world on the political map.
Mark Field, MP 
"However, the nettle that must be grasped if we are to see anything effective done in this respect is to recognise that the growing enforcement of sharia is the principal cause of persecution of Christian minorities in Islamic countries.
That is an exceedingly uncomfortable truth for many Muslims to accept, many of whom have a somewhat romanticised view of what sharia means in practice. However, it must be emphasised that the issue is emphatically not individuals choosing to live their lives in accordance with those aspects of sharia that relate solely to them as individuals, it is the enforcement of sharia on non Muslims and indeed on liberal Muslims and anyone else who does not freely choose it that is the problem."

Keeping on raising awareness of the sharia mischief makers.

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