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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Raised Muslim now Jewish - changing perceptions
Escape from Gaza and hate, now Jewish.
Story one
One family's 18-year quest to honor Israel's slain prime minister—and escape the resulting backlash.
Story two

And on a side note, in the West, the mainstream media regularly disparage Israel for its "bad human rights" towards the Arabs.  When I say, vanity, it is because it is their warped pride of having been defeated by the Jews, while trying to overpower and destroy the state of Israel, in 1948,   (1967, 1974).  But that's not what all it seems on the ground, judging by:

If only 1

Notice the lack of empathy, the blatant manipulation of entire generations by Arab countries, a vanity exercise with the result:

Syria and Lebanon are among the Arab countries that declined to accept Arabs from pre-state Israel as citizens, insisting instead that they - and their children, grandchildren and all future descendants – remain known as “refugees” with the right to “return” to Israel.

If only 2

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