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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This extract from

does not reflect the complex heart of the conflict.

Yes, I know that the reverse has been true. For example, Christian Serbia entered and massacred Bosnian Muslims. The western response was instructive. The west sent troops to protect the Muslims. Serbia gave up its leader to be tried for the crime by an international panel. Will Indonesia do the same with respect to Timor? Or Sudan with respect to southern Sudan?
1.  The Serbs in Bosnia were and still are part of the indigenous makeup of the land.  To suggest that the Christian Serbs started off the conflict by invading themselves is false.  It is well known that the Serbs within the land got military support and volunteers from over the border, but it was an internal conflict.

2.  The Bosnian was a 3 way bloody conflict between Muslims, orthodox and catholic Christians.  The author has either forgotten the Croats or ignored their role in the conflict.   Each participant committed acts of gratuitous violence and killings.  

3. The author has either ignored or deliberately left out the bloody role of the 'west' in supporting both the catholic and the Muslims, in supplying logistics, arms and know how against the Serbs in Bosnia.   

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