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Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Christian phobia news round up Week 1

Indonesian Muslim threats to Christians. In an ongoing dispute of the use of “Allah” a group is intending to hold a mega-demo. With previous experience of Muslim demos, (latest being in Bangladesh), I’m predicting scuffles, outbreaks of violence and placards of virulent hatred as well. All being stirred up organized by Islamic leaders. Islam

sanctities are the Quran and the prophet Muhammad and now in Malaysia and Indonesia, the word ‘Allah’. They were a wall unto us, both by night and day. 1 Samuel 25.16 More about the Christmas stunt hosted by the church of St James’ Piccadilly called ‘Bethlehem Unwrapped’, involving a replica security wall. The organizers seem to be in bed with some ‘colourful’ organizations with dubious records on human rights or love for Christians in the Middle East.

Christians in Egypt have been in the firing line and have suffered a fatality, just before Orthodox Christmas too. It is truly sad to hear the silence. If St James Church had any pluck, it would show Christian solidarity with their persecuted, hunted Christian brethren in the Middle East and in Pakistan.

An historical library in Lebanon owned by a Greek Orthodox priest was torched, as a result of a Muslim mob, taking issue to the fact an article was supposedly published on the internet insulting Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. It seems that rumours about Islam and its prophet can be dangerous when read by Muslims. Evidently, they don’t wait but act on impulse. “Father Srouj has nothing to do with the article and the source of the website is from Denmark and was published on Jan. 7, 2010,” Ayyoubi said in Tripoli Serail.”

According the newspaper, the hot headed mob acted on the issue of a fatwa calling for an attack. Only a Muslim leader issues fatwas. This is one incident, part of a recent escalation in violence in Lebanon, largely Muslim sects.
These incidents convey the impression that Muslims are easily offended by the slightest negative and others suffer as result of this. There is no goodwill on the part of certain Muslim leaders to verify rumours, check facts before setting in motion a violence reaction. It is interesting to note that the priest in Lebanon forgave the attackers. These Muslims are not imperviousness to negative remarks, comment, rumours or debates about Islam.
The role Islam plays at rectifying all misdeeds committed by society, especially dissenting voices or non-Muslims, is a disturbing one. It shows that intolerance is alive and well in a number of Islamic circles. Belligerency, brow-beating are part of the way that certain Islamic leaders, rectify “supposed misdeeds”, by encouraging threats, acts of violence to achieve this. It is not limited to the Muslim community, as the imprisonment of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian shows too well. She was convicted for “blasphemy” in 2009 and in November 2010 she was sentenced to death. She has recently written a letter to the Pope.
The majority of Muslim world-wide try to keep a low profile and remain silent, principally of a result of the prevailing tendencies to employ aggressive way of keeping the rank and file in order.
On another issue of intolerance, there has been a spate of vandalism, abuse against churches in France lately. The authorities are still unwilling to tackle these incidents in any meaningful way, they just look the other way. It may do to the fact that the Catholic Church lay members being very vocal over the introduction “Gay” laws, known commonly as “Le Mariage pour tous”.
One very recent incident took place in the Parisian church of Sainte Odile, where the authorities have stated that the perpetrator was unbalanced, yet the priest is saying quite the opposite, “determined”.
Comment of the news round-up "Ijtihad — independent thinking and reasoning — was given priority, but over the years radicals have conveniently buried this term and pushed for collective thinking, which continues to be the way of life for many who follow the religion." Muslim historian S Irfan Habib

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