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Friday, January 10, 2014

Under persecution and pressure for being Christian

I've made a rough list, work in progress, on the estimated numbers of Christians. Where possible I've tried to give information on the larger  denominations.   This list reflects the ongoing persecution of Christians, in relation to actual violence perpetrated by Islamists, the negative impact that they have towards Christians. Additionally, the likes of Lebanon and Palestine are included due to the strong influence of Islamist political groups in the area.

Lately there have been articles in the media, in the UK, the US and in France about the persecution, but little details on the actual numbers that are actively targeted or under pressure for their faith, are forthcoming.

1. Syria  - about 2,300,000 prior to the start of the civil war.
2. Egypt - 6 to 10 million, ( most are Copts,  up to 8 million).
3. Iraq - 300,000 left (1.4 million in 1980).
4. Pakistan - 2, 500,000 Christians.
5. Bangladesh - 450, 000 approximately.
6. Indonesia - 7 million Catholics, (3%) and 5.7 % are Protestants.
7. Palestine -50,000 down from 173,000 in the 90s.
8. Lebanon - 1.5 million in total
9.Malaysia -harassment   - 2,500,000 Christians
10. should go to Iran - 300,000 aprox figures.

If you know of specific or more precise info, then please send me them.  Many thanks!

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