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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The wall in the Holy Land

I want to  share this with you as this is is a really thought provoking letter from a victim of Palestinian terror attack on both a Jewish and a Christian woman. They were ambushed and attacked like animals.

 Bear in mind, that as I write this blog, Israel has released another batch of Arab murderers, all in the name of a supposed "peace plan".  Of course, the murderers are free and were celebrated as heroes by nearly all of the Palestinian political, religious elite.  There is no remorse or genuine intention for meaningful peace on their part.

  When will the West snap out of this ludicrous "game" before it becomes a kind of Islamic version of the Hunger Games? I have an atlas dated in the mid 60's, interestingly enough, there is no Palestine, only Israel, Jordan and Egypt, marked in red as being occupied by Israel.  In 1967, Jordanians, Egyptians living in gaza and the West Bank became overnight Palestinians.  Both Gaza and the West Bank were seen in exactly the same way as the Golan Heights.  So what the difference in the mindset? Political  antics and devilry, largely by pan Arabism, Islamists and the URSS, as part of the greater scheme of the Cold War. To see the Atlas images go to: FB...

Similarily, a very moving letter from a victim of Palestinians:


Covers the unholy alliance between some unsavory groups, all promoting ethnic and religious hatred.

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