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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Le chômage et le dijihad unemployment et jihad MALI: UN DÉPUTÉ UMP IRONISE SUR LES DJIHADISTES FRANÇAIS SPONSORISÉS PAR PÔLE EMPLOI A brief English translation On the phone, Christophe Guilloteau first appears suspicious. Then he confirms the presence of Pôle Emploi forms (unemployment office) in caves jihadists in northern Mali. The Information was relayed by the site and Swiss weekly L'Weekly dated April 18, 2013 in which he is quoted extensively. But he did not acknowledge having granted the interview with the newspaper. Gradually, Christophe Guilloteau is more natural and also more political. Thus, according to the UMP du Rhone, rapporteur of the parliamentary information mission to Mali, money from the Job centers indirectly serves the jihadists to pay their fight. Speaking tothe Lab, he starts off saying: You work on May 1, I guess you pay is surcharged, and it must bother you to know that these charges are also used to pay for the war against our army ...

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