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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Debunking the religion of peace

This recent newspaper shows the bizarre simplistic thoughts of some people.

To read the orignal article: Opinion mailbag

 Although only a handful of Muslims have been involved in killing innocent people, they are destroying the image of Islam, a peace-loving religion, and creating hardship for the majority of us who are law-abiding citizens who want to live in harmony with others. 

Good start here as it can be considered to be the case. However there seems be more than a handful eagerly promoting violence against "innocent people", Muslims and non-Muslims.  Where is the zero-tolerance for hate-preaching Imams, the wife-beaters, the honour killings, gay-haters and anti- semtism? If Muslims want to promote a peace-loving religion in our western society, then they must be willing to drive these forms of vile hatred, that do little to contribute to harmony.
If you extrapolate the latest figures from the Pew research about Muslims, it does show a different and disturbing view of the situation, as it indicates that large majorities in the Muslim world want the Islamic legal and moral code of sharia as the official law in their countries. Sharia does not establish a harmonious rapport with non-Muslims. More disturbingly, the research shows that a majority of Muslims either have no or few non-Muslims as friends. This is is disconcerting to say the least as it shows that there are Muslims that simply do not want to integrate themselves into the wider community but rather keep themselves to themselves. 
As the majority, it is our responsibility to inform law enforcement about individuals if we believe they are involved in suspicious activities. 
I often hear in the press, especially this bit  "the vast majority of Muslims abhor jihad terrorism".  Logically, a good Muslim would inform law enforcement but there has been only a handful of Muslims worldwide that have actually informed law enforcement of  planned terror plots.. Wait...  Just a handful out of more than a billion Muslims...  Maybe it is because of statements  such as these:  “Announce to your congregations or membership that informants are not tolerated in your communities.” made by the US Muslim Students Association.  If indivuals want to inform law enforcement are not tolerated by a national organisation, then this suggests that there is something to hide.One New York Imam said the following in a blog: "MUSLIM APOLOGISTS FOR THESE NYPD POLICIES-WAKE UP! Don't sell yourself and the Ummah short by being a collaborationist.

It is more likely that Muslims will look away if there are suspicious activities taking place in their communities. In fact, I'm waiting to hear a fatwa on this very issue from the well-known & leading Islamic clerics. 
At the same time, the media, elected officials and law enforcement should stop using words such as "Islamic terrorists" and "jihadists," which give the impression the United States is against Islam. This also provides fuel to terrorists. 

Sorry to sound really stupid here, but there is a strong tendency for so called Islamic terrorists to shout out the Islamic expression "Allahu Akbar", which does give the strong impression of being a Muslim. i.e. a follower of Islam. They haven't shouted "Jesus is great" or "Buddha is great". Moreover, there is also a tendency for law enforcement officials to find violent Islamic materials in the terrorists' dwellings. Indeed some of this terrorists happily promote Islam in their martyrdom videos. That's not a coincidence! The Quran has over a 100 horribly violent verses which makes it a lot easier for the terrorist to justify the extreme violence. Narrow-minded, literal interpretation of religious texts has negative consequences.
Terrorists hate the United States when they see unilateral support for Israel, particularly when most member countries in the United Nations oppose it.
Seriously, this is a "throw away" comment, to distract the readers from seeing the myriad of issues. It is a bit of red herring as it clearly shows the blinkered thoughts on the issue.  Rest assured US Muslim taxpayers, the US does care for your Middle- Eastern Ummah. The USA's support for Israel is definitely NOT unilateral. Far from it;  just exactly how much money is given by the USA to Egypt alone,the latest batch in 2013 is to the tune of  $250 million in aid, (out of a total of about $1.55 billion).  Jordan is getting an aid package of $200 million. Then there is Libya (another $1.5 million), Iraq, ( $60 billion so far), Afghanistan, (about $4 billion),Yemen has received on average between $20 and $25 million annually in total U.S. foreign aid. Then there is Pakistan, amounting to $1.4 billion by 2014. Millions and millions of dollars, as aid is continuly poured in a lot of Islamic states, not to mention the large weapons or oil sales to the Gulf countries. What does Israel get in 2013, around $123 billion.

"Most countries oppose it", if you are referring to the OIC membership of the UN, then that wouldn't define as most countries in the UN. Indeed,if it was the case, MOST of the UN would have never allowed Israel to become a member of the UN in the first place. On a side note, Israel has existed since 1948 and has a well-established Muslim community within it, consisting of Arabs, druze, Bedouins and who are free to worship as Muslims.
Instead of invading other Muslim countries and killing innocent people, the United States should start providing financial support and education to help build their brighter future because their leaders have failed to do so. I am confident the United States could offer that leadership and ultimately win.
This is a highly imotive subject but imagine the situation where there is a hornet's nest just outside your window. Are you going to let it stay and get bigger and more aggressive, or are you going to deal with. Sure, 9-11 was probably just a misunderstanding of the religion of peace. Let's see, the US invaded Afghanistan as result of 9-11 and the Taliban, who seem to have forgotten that Islam is the religion of peace.  Lately, all of the killing in Iraq is as a result of Muslim on Muslim terror. 

I'd repeat my comment just exactly how much money is given by the USA to Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, millions and millions of dollars, as aid to Muslim countries. A LOT of the aid is for education and community building projects.  The USA has consistently offered a lot of support to the Muslim leadership but this has been squandered by these individuals.  Of course, it is very easy to blame other, especially non-Muslims, since a devout Muslims aren't suppose to critize other Muslims, even if they are the leaders and are extremely corrupt.

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