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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gaza Bosnian copycats

2012 - Gaza - rocket launchers are placed strategically amid civilian areas, creating unwitting human shields of nearby residents and increasing the chances for collateral casualties and "at grave risk from Israeli counter-fire".

1992 -Bosnia - the largest hospital in Sarajevo was frequently used as a mortar firing position from which to attack the enemy,  “for provocation purposes” who then retaliated and causing casualties.  The Bosnians turned Sarajevo into a war zone and they deliberately exposed Sarajevo’s civilian population to enemy gunfire. This was done to promote an extremely negative of image of the conflict, especially of civilian death and suffering in Sarajevo.



Philippe Morillon’s letter of protest to Alija Izetbegovic, January 19, 1993; Milosevic trial exhibit D-147  HERE

Testimony of Philippe Morillon (Bosnia UN Protection Force Commander), Milosevic Trial transcript, ICTY, February 12, 2004; Pg. 32047
Testimony of David Harland, Milosevic Trial transcript, ICTY, November 5, 2003; Pg. 28675

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