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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Confused in the levant

You should be after reading this ...

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — A spokesman for a Palestinian militant group in Syria says it has received a nod from President Bashar Assad's regime to attack Israel following the back-to-back Israeli airstrikes over the weekend.
Anwar Raja of the Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Commandsays the regime has given "a green light" for the group "to attack Israeli targets" from the Syrian-controlled part of Golan Heights.

Ok.  The regime in Syria is Shia based and the Palestinian terrorists are Sunni.   But aren't the Free Syria Army Sunnis too? The FSA are fighting Assad's regime, largely Shia.    What on earth is this all about.  The answer is simple:  pure, unadulterated, one hundred percent, absolute hatred for Israel, and for the fact that it is largely Jewish. 
It is another clear example of the political and ideological battle taking place in the Levant.

Of course, I can already hear but it's about land, Israelis are the bad guys because they stole good honest Arab land.   You wish it was that simple, but there  is also the issue of the very negative references to Jews in the Quran and in Hadiths.  There is also a religious context, largely derived from the hatred of the existence of a Jewish nation in the Middle East.  It is interesting to note that the Jews weren't mentioned in the "peace-loving" part of the Quran, (the Meccan verses).   Subsequently, the situation became even more confusing as there are numerous conflicting Islamic texts that cover the relationship with the Jews - "don't mind them or hate them". Jews are said to be treacherous and hypocritical and could never be friends with a Muslim.
non sequitur

Historically, Judaism was able to exist under the Ottoman Empire, although the situation could be described as being delicate as they were just tolerated by the Islamic society and had limited rights.   All non-Muslims were subject to the whims of their Islamic rulers, as there were episodes of repressive persecution and pogroms.  This delicate situation became more and more fragile, especially during the 19th & 20th century.
The latent comtempt for non-Muslims, especially Jews and also Christians, steadily grew into hatred and now it is a vile hatred in some parts of the world. It is worth noting that a lot of the persecutions and massacres of Jews otok place long before Israel existed. The notion that it is politics and not religion is to evoke a straw man.
In essence, what we have here is very crazy situation, at a time where Muslims are killing each other butually in Syria, Iraq and to a lesser extent in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Yet, despite this, Israel is the greater evil. Mind boggling stuff.

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