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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Comment on Islamic friendship

A good point  was made on Atlas Shrugs website on the interpretation of a crucial verse from the Koran:

At the other end of the spectrum, it looks like the true Islamist life imitates the Koran "Oh believers, do not take the Yahood and the Nasara, the Jews and the Christians, as awliya." 

The word awliya is the plural of wali. The word wali means many different things. It means friend, it means guardian, it means protector, it means master, it means ally and many other things.
So when Allah azza wa jal says do not take the Yahood and Nasara as awliya, it doesn't just mean do not take them as friends. Do not take them as your guardians, your protectors, your allies, your friends, your masters.

 In no way should there be this alliance with the kuffar. Allah says they are allies, they are the awliya, of one another. And whoever makes them a friend, then that person is of them. Allah does not guide those who are sinful.

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