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Monday, December 9, 2013

The uttered word - free

- to speak about the benefits of Islam.

 See this example: Call to Islam in Piccadilly Circus | Abu Shafi (video link)

1. Any Islamic individual, religious leader or scholar can take advantage of free speech in "the West" to spread their own version of morality, Islamic style.  To the uninitiated, the Islamic rulebook and morality is enshrined in the Sharia. 

2. It's called freedom of speech when Islamic organisation can widely and freely distribute literature, release press releases, organise conferences and organise protests that promote the superiority of Muslims over others - the non-Muslims, commonly known in the Quran as non-believers.  (Otherwise known as kuffar by Muslims themselves).

  "religious apartheid" 

3. The core of Sharia and Islamic texts contain practices & harsh pushiments which would not be considered as "conducive to promoting human rights" in any of the "Western" societies.  Take the example of stoning or amputation of limbs. Another Islamic acceptable is marriage of young girls of 6 and 9 years ago.Yes- this is enshrined in Islamic jurisprudence.

4. Islam covers both religion and politics, it is hence an ideology.  The strict Islamic practices that encompass the Quran, Sunna and Hadiths are to be found in Saudi Arabia or Iran - Islamic theocracies. Imagine the scene if a Christian tried to argue against  Abu Shafi, not in Central London but Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. That would an impossible feat to do there as there is no is public practice of other religions other than the Wahabi version of Islam. Certain parts of the Islamic texts actually command believers to hate Christians, Jews, polytheists and other "non-believers".
  5. Embedded in Islamic texts is the gratuitous promotion of violence, which often directed at "non-believers".   Imams are known to give bigoted, hateful sermons, not only in mosques but also in the media and on the internet.  These Islamic scholars are permitted to do so in Western societies, as such societies value freedom and tolerance.  It is ironic that to actually point this out can often result in outright denial or being branded racist, bigoted or Islamophobe. 

6.There is a complete lack of gratitude and tolerance for other beliefs in Islam. This is evident by the fact that there is an increasing unwillingness by incoming immigrants from Islamic countries to earnestly adapt, try to blend in, sincerely respect and conform to the law, cultures and practices of their new host countries. Think of FGM, it is deemed a traditional religious and cultural practice by many in the Muslim community in the West.
7. Violence, vandalism and dishonesty are the watchword of certain Islamic groups. When confronted with the unsavoury aspects of Islam, particularly the promotion of extreme violence, the message being given - "nothing to see, move along and ignore it" by those in authorities, (politically, religiously or law enforcement/ legal). Trying to refute this is a difficult process, but search on the internet for examples of the placards that are waved at Islamic demonstrations, to get a sense of perspective.  No doubt there will be some who freely brandish signs that clearly read “burn and kill the infidels, "death to Jews" etc...


 8.When highly unsavoury Islamic texts are cited, to criticize them is often entails ending up offending the sensibility of the Muslims, whether real or perceived.  The response can be very vindictive, nasty and brutal, even only in words. Islamic leaders & organisations regularly come across as being arrogant, demanding, and belligerent, especially when unsavoury aspects of the Islamic ideology is published.  It is seems that to be "easily offended" is just a one-way street.

 9. Tolerance for non-Muslim culture and practice is paper thin in most of Islamic societies. It is the non-Muslims who are the losers.  Imagine the uproar if an Iman was killed in cold blood in a Western countries.  When it is happens to a Christian bishop in an Islamic country...the authorities play dumb. [See video - “People are Sick and Tired of the One-Way Street Tolerance Babble Which You Feed On”]

10. Let's cut the diatribe of the current mindset of wholeheartedly supporting the integration and assimilation of certain Islamic communities, trying to put the blame elsewhere.  It doesn't matter how well intended this kind of support is, it is futile to believe that it is worthwhile cause.    It must not be a "one-way" street of tolerance, respect and freedom. There are well-organised groups that actually exploit the virtues of the West's tolerance and value for freedom to further the ideological and cultural dominance of their imported societies.  

Judge for yourself- straight from the horse's mouth..

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