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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sister Hatune: Muslim Persecution of Christians

Watch it, particularly after 7:30...mins

7:24 Right, I just want to say why all of this happens.
7:28 The Quran and the Sharia are the cause
7:32 of all the atrocities in the world.
7:36 Anyhow, time is short. I could keep on talking till tomorrow.
7:40 I thank all of you for being here, and I hope that Europe wakes up.
7:44 But there is one little story about a little child.
7:48 In 2010 I was awarded the German Cross of Merit.
7:52 I was invited to Wiesbaden, so I get on the train.
7:56 There’s a child with his father and he looks at me:
8:00 “Spanish, Italian or Greek?” I said: “No. I’m from Turkey.”
8:04 “Christians in Turkey?” “Yes, we had to flee.”
8:08 So, I told him the reasons like I have told you.
8:12 “Ah, now I get it.” I asked: “What?”
8:16 “Here, do you see my son Tobias? I’m living next door to
8:20 an Islamic Turkish family. Our kids were even born in the same week.
8:24 But for two month this child didn’t come to us anymore,
8:28 though they had been good mates. He had almost lived
8:32 at our place, we cooked for him without pork, and now he doesn’t show up.
8:36 So, two weeks ago I put him in a corner and asked him to explain.
8:40 Mohammed, why don’t you come to Tobias anymore?
8:44 He stretched his arms out and said: Please, don’t come close to me.
8:48 You are a heretic, you are impure, you are an infidel.
8:52 I’m a real Muslim now, a true believer. I attend Quran school, and
8:56 my school tells me that I mustn’t make friends with you, and
9:00 Allah, o Allah, I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to make friends
9:04 with the infidels. Please, forgive me.”
9:08 So, that happens in Germany. Every Quran school teaches such fanatic elements.
9:12 What will happen in Europe with our kids and this Mohammed?
9:16 Or your grandchildren, how will they get along with each other in Europe?
9:20 I’m not preaching Islamophobia, but this is reality.
9:24 How will this Mohammed get along with your grandchildren?
9:28 Ask yourself, but also appeal the politicians so they wake up
9:32 and these Quran schools get monitored.
9:36 I’m fine with a faith being taught, but under control.
9:40 What’s bad for the people needs to be stopped. No matter who does it.
9:44 I love Muslims, but I hate their laws that harm people.
9:48 Thank you.

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