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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Uttered Word - dumb

at Xmas

You can't say Merry Christmas anymore?
 “We must be open and tolerant toward Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so toward us.” — Jens Orback, former Swedish government minister…”

 Judging by the type of statements made in exclusively Islamic states, Mr Orback might be waiting for a long time.

 “Allowing activities that promote occasions that are strange to our Islamic society is ridiculous and an offence to our religious teachings,” MP Hamdan Al-Azmi, Kuwait.  Why did he make this statement? KUWAIT: A tribal lawmaker demanded government action to stop Christmas celebrations in Kuwait.
 Imagine the same situation in an European country but directed at other non-Christian celebrations? What would be the response? An outcry for sure or a riot.  This is a clear example of the double standards being played out across the EU, North America and Australasia. 

It is a clear indication of the hypocrisy of Muslims with regards to Christianity.  Some Muslims do get upset by Christmas as they find it offensive.  Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ, someone who is supposedly revered as a messenger by Muslims, under the name "Isa". BUT one reason for not recognising the Christian festival, according to an Islamic website is this:

"Even if Christmas WAS the birthday of Isa/Jesus (as), this is not something to be celebrated as, in Islam, Muslims are not supposed to celebrate birthdays". For more "enlighted reasons why Muslims don't/ mustn't partake in Christmas festivities- LINK

This guy expresses quite well his feelings on the phrase "Merry Christmas" 


 It makes for interesting times ahead in Europe, as the Muslim demographics is rapidly changing the European landscape.  I am not going to hold my breath to see if Mr Orback's comments will happen.  Not given the widespread persecution of Christians and other minorities in Islamic countries, nor indeed do the Muslims have to be a minority before there is potentially serious violence, ( see the latest news about Christians in Indonesia at Xmas time).

Another example of the hypocrisy (in the UK) is this "incident" that took place in London, during the run-up to Christmas in 2010.

"Sister Christine Frost, founder of the East London Neighbours in Poplar charity, said: 'The more posters I saw, the more angry I got." She added that: "'If we said such things about Muslims, we'd all be hanging from lamp-posts"

And more quotes in the comments section: "How would they feel if posters saying that Eid was evil appeared everywhere? The UK welcomes those of all faiths who wish to integrate. These hate filled fanatics obviously don't so deport them to a country where they will be much happier - until they protest about something and lose a hand."

What was the response from the Muslim campaigner behind the poster?   He said: 'Christmas is a lie and as Muslims it is our duty to attack it."

 Yet Mr Orback seemed to think that it would not be problem. That's multiculturalism for you;  allowing a minority representative of an ideology intent on denigrating the religion and culture of the UK, offending many Christians in the process, without a care for the feelings of non-Muslims.   Don't worry!  The consensus from the top, those who wield power, aka the PC police, is that we mustn't be seen to upset the Muslims so we are obliged to pander them.  Christmas trees are renamed "holiday trees", no public Nativity scenes,

The authorities desperately tried to brush this aside, but they continue to strip the UK of its Christian roots and hegemony. A trend that is repeated in other countries, (the EU, USA, Canada, etc...).  

It reminds of Animal Farm:

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"

 Bah humbug to you all!



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