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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Interesting article on the politics of the "unelected elites" ans here an the masterpiece: HOMOGENEITY...

And what's with this quaint word, 'homogeneity'? It's strange, people like Sutherland – as well as leftist academics galore – stress 'diversity', 'alternative cultures' and 'the Other' in one breath, yet in the next they say – or imply – that there is one aspect of diversity, one culture and one ethnicity that must be systematically erased, namely the British. That's what Sutherland's glorious 'homogeneity' would result in.
Not that there will be homogeneity anyway. That's another part of this big con. Take the Muslim population of this country. They are systematically forming their own enclaves/ ghettos and living separately from the rest of us. Indeed, as Muslims, they must do so, because all Muslims must live according to sharia law and sharia law demands – as does the Koran in many passages – that Muslims avoid being polluted by the 'unbeliever'. So Peter Sutherland must know that the homogeneity he wants may very well end in inter-communal violence, civil war and a distinct lack of homogeneity.
And just when you think that he couldn't say anything more obscene, he adds that there should be a "shift from states selecting migrants to migrants selecting states".

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