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Friday, December 13, 2013

Slavery pay back

"A commission set up by countries in the Caribbean announced on Tuesday that it planned to sue Norway for its involvement in plantation slavery from the 17th to the 19th century."The Local, Norway
It is a trend to sue states for their historical involvement in slavery. The need for entitlement shouldn't stop at the door of Western Europe or the USA, for their slavery legacy.   The law of reciprocity should be implemented fairly and also cover Islamic slavery as well.

When will a group stand up and create a commission to study the slave-owning past of the following countries?

Saudi Arabia, Turkey (the Ottoman Empire), Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco - (the Barbary pirates) and Sudan. 
There would be 3 commission categories covering the European victims, African victims and Indian victims.

For more details:

A history lesson forgotten and dumped in the PC bin:

"Nevertheless, in my native country, I had learnt that the Barbary pirates raided French coasts, putting the South of the country to fire and blood-soaking, kidnapping women and children, to sell them as slaves. How come that as someone born far from France, I know these things, and how come that most of my French friends of origin ignore it and self - flagellate themselves from morning till night?
Eva, resistance republique, December 2013


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